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The Rendita-24 is a household finance services provider of their choice. With our comparison portal on the Internet you can get insurance, finance, energy, communications and travel comparison free.

Credit and Insurance Rates Comparison

Loans and insurance – for many people, these two issues more of a problem than a solvable task. How do I find the right offer for me and what is actually on the market currently particularly good value? Many questions on diving, because the supply of insurance and credit is now greater than ever. You as a layman lose track here. Even experts have to re-familiarize themselves with the matter of loans and insurance always to here to stay up to date and to have no lack of information. However, this task is easier to solve than expected.

In order for the insurance comparison and comparison of credit are also be realized for the non-expert, offer you the opportunity to comprehensively compare to browse and find out means of insurance settlement or credit comparison the most favorable offer for you on the market.

The consultant is not always necessary for this purpose. Who knows what he is looking for, is well known in our country as regards insurance comparison and loan comparison. With a few clicks with the necessary information for an objective comparison can be entered. This can be forgotten any important information, because prefabricated masks remember when an important for comparing Missing. So it is with the insurance settlement or credit comparison then only to enter the necessary information – and immediately see the result and thus the cheapest supplier on the market.

Long phone calls or even personal consultations are no longer necessary for the loan settlement or insurance comparison. Quick and easy, at any time and especially from your laptop or home computer from insurance settlement or loan comparison can be performed. If you want, then you can also simply equal to handle the request for the loan or the insurance online.

We offer you the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information to figure out the best price and the same also complete the hedging or the credit – simple, time-saving and clearly

Does it cost me anything to use your service?

Our fares and comparing computers are completely free. The use is not binding and easy.

What are they doing with my data?

Your information is strictly confidential and not disclosed to third parties. With their consent, we are required to pass their data exclusively to insurers, banks, cooperation partners, which they have chosen.

Do I need to enter into a contract with banks or insurance companies?

You must enter into a contract by which anyone. Our rate calculator offer only the services that a large number of insurers and banks are compared with each other so that they can choose the most favorable offer. If you like an offer, you can enter into a contract. It is absolutely up to you.

If you have questions when using our services, they do not hesitate to contact via the contact form below to contact us.